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Apr 14, 2020

Melodie has been building websites for over 10 years with a specialization in scaling online membership sites for the past 5 years. She leads a team of tech ninjas that pride themselves on taking the tech stress off of business owners. Melodie works hand in hand with large volume membership site owners to coordinate their marketing and technical efforts. This allows site owners to do less and achieve more. She is zany about incremental change and ensuring that what her team does makes an impact for the business.
On a personal note, Melodie is deeply in love with coffee and enjoys most things that give her a slight feeling of "will this kill me." Her most recent love is Wind Surfing and she has been known to sky dive, zip line and repel down waterfalls in the Costa Rican Jungle. She most recently summited Kilimanjaro. You can probably find her in a trendy coffee shop in Toronto most Saturday afternoons unless there is a pandemic.
Find out more about Melodie here:
Find out more about what Melodie offers here: ->THE TOP 10 THINGS MOST MEMBERSHIP SITE OWNERS DON’T KNOW