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Nov 10, 2020

CEO/Founder of Authentic Beauty, In the Chair Virtual Makeup Services and inventor of The Magic 3 in 1 Foundation.

Alyson Howard-Hoag's career in the beauty industry spans more than 30 years as a makeup artist, brow specialist, salon owner, philanthropist, and as a makeup and brow educator and trainer for hundreds of makeup artists at salons around the world on the importance of clean makeup and skincare, healthy marketing practices, makeup application and technique. She works with celebrities, and powerhouse CEOs. Her true passion is inspiring women of all ages to believe their outward image can be a reflection of their inner, authentic self.

Authentic Beauty is her award-winning, full-service makeup salon, brow studio, and skincare center in Atlanta. Her signature service, the Image Journey, takes clients on a transformational odyssey, helping them fully express their inner, authentic beauty through makeup. Performed in salon and now available to everyone online through her virtual makeup membership called In the Chair, the Image Journey is an interactive self-discovery makeup lesson that empowers women to learn how to express their Authentic Image and acquire simple and refined makeup techniques that all women can do themselves. 

She lives by the mantra, “Real women. Real life. Real beauty made simple,” and her company and salon, Authentic Beauty, were born from the idea that a woman should never be told how she should look, while realizing that inner beauty, self-acceptance and learning to express your Authentic Self are pathways to outer beauty. Her commitment is that women make peace with themselves and fall in love with what they see when they look in the mirror.  

“I truly believe that every woman is beautiful and when she looks in the mirror, she should recognize her inner-self shining through,” Alyson said. “I love guiding women through this journey. Watching a woman fall in love with herself is the best job anybody could have!” 

Her new company, In the Chair Virtual Makeup Services, brings beauty to you from the safety and comfort of your own home and includes a video library replete with makeup lessons from award-winning makeup artists and her team offers one-on-one virtual makeup and beauty lessons for a more hands on experience.

She also believes in beauty with a clean conscience and many of the products she manufactures and sells in salon and online in her online store are vegan and organic.

Her brow and makeup work has been featured in countless magazines and she is a three-time recipient of Allure Magazine’s esteemed titles of ‘Best of the Best’ for brows, and Best Makeup Artist. She has also been a guest on a host of national T.V. programs including CNN, Vice and Fox News. She is known as the "brow guru" of Atlanta.