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Aug 11, 2020

Cam Roberts. Strategic Marketing Consultant.
Business Advisor. #1 Best Selling Author. Podcaster.
Speaker on Business, Success and Marketing.
Cam Roberts is a Strategic Marketing Consultant and Business Advisor with over three decades of real life business experience. He is the Marketer behind many experts, speakers and coaches and has owned and operated multiple award winning businesses. At one time had three separate businesses, with 35 staff and 1500 weekly clients. Now as a Consultant and Advisor he has 48,000 Social Media Followers, 162 Podcast Episodes with 55+ Five-Star Reviews and 472 Marketing Funnel Projects under his belt. Cam Roberts proudly "Walks the Talk" as a Marketing Consultant and Business Advisor.
He teaches business owners how to achieve their income and lifestyle goals by SCALING their Business, Launching HIGH SELLING Products & Services and creating PROFITABLE MARKETING Systems.
His clients & students include hundreds of "Owner Operated" Business Owners, Amazon Multi-Millionaires, 7-Figure Companies, Multi-Million Dollar Speakers, Real Estate Investing Coaches, Internet Marketing Gurus, Wealth Creation Experts and many more…
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