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Jul 14, 2020

Clint Hosman is the CEO of LongShip Systems, he has been implementing Infusionsoft and business strategy for nearly a decade.
Clint has a Masters in Business Administration concentrated on Global Business.
Shortly after completing his degree, he began work for Infusionsoft and was in the first 400 employees.
After working with hundreds of businesses for Infusionsoft, Clint moved over to Sixth Division and was the Director of Client Services. At Sixth Division, Clint further defined his style of implementing Infusionsoft and business strategy.
In 2017, Clint decided it was time for a new adventure and started LongShip Systems, with the motto of "Simplicity Scales, Complexity Fails". This idea is how LongShip Systems is able to help so many businesses create repeatable process, predictable revenue, and sustainable scaled growth.
Here’s what customers have to say about Clint:
"Clint’s got a natural sense for business; how to optimize process and profitability"
"Clint’s ability to break business concepts down into their simplest form, formulate strategy for improvement … and then execute, is mind-blowing."
"He’s not your traditional business strategist. He’s like a business Viking… crushing it for your business."
"Clint is a true master of business automation!"
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