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May 12, 2020

Too many businesses and families are failing these days--and Jeff is NOT OK with that.


* beating cancer,
* almost losing his wife and newborn son,
* earning a global MBA from a #1 globally-ranked school, and
* successfully achieving hyper-growth in multiple businesses over the last 20+ years…

Jeff intimately understands the struggle of growing and leading a thriving business while also being successful at home.
Though many feel striking this balance is impossible, he has discovered the principles required to make it happen:

Mindset | Action | Spirituality | Kindness

Jeff weaves the MASK Principles in his 1-on-1 coaching as well as from stage speaking to audiences all around the globe.
These experiences enable people to create prosperity in their business AND peace at home.
...if they choose.

When he's not coaching or speaking, you’ll find him with the love of his life and 4 awesome kids. They love to travel together, try their hands at this new discovery called snow (they lived in AZ for 11 years, they now live in UT), and surf a great point break.

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