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Jul 25, 2023

John Bellamy is the Managing Director of DarkXposed - Cyber Risk Intelligence. DarkXposed is a Private Intelligence Agency (PIA) that specialises in Cyber Threat and Risk Intelligence originating from the Dark Web. Our Threat Intelligence Units (TIUs) monitor your business domain, email addresses and key suppliers – looking for exposed credentials that we can find about your business and suppliers – that are up for sale on the dark web.







1:11 "Small businesses just need to be aware of the risks that are out there." -John Bellamy

2:20 Cyber Security and Cyber Risk Intelligence

3:27 Cyber Risk Intelligence: Three Simple Parts for Small Business

6:15 "There's various degrees of information cyber criminals can get access to." -John Bellamy

8:21 "What kind of damage are we trying to prevent?" -Brian Keith

9:24 Reputation Damage

10:31 "Most small businesses don't have fifty grand laying around to pay a ransom." -John Bellamy

11:41 Intermediate Security Step for Small Business

17:10 Cyber Security, AI, and Quantum Computing