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Feb 23, 2021

Kari is a Life Coach and Speaker who helps women transform the relationship to themselves through mindset shift, changing self-talk, and stepping into their own grounded confidence. She is the creator of the Sacred Self Journal and the host of Soul Power Podcast.


Feb 16, 2021

George Sudarkoff helps technical experts become extraordinary, confident, and influential leader. With primary focus on Mindset and Behavior Design, he helps his clients create habits for mastering their own and their employees' emotional state, prevent burnout, supercharge focus and productivity, and foster positive...

Feb 9, 2021

Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge are podcasters, entrepreneurs, personal development coaches, and personality typology experts who have consulted with companies like Zappos, Oracle, American Express, CNN, and many others.

Through their Profiler Training Course, they have taught hundreds of students, including CEOs,...

Feb 2, 2021

Josh Satterlee is a chiropractor and educator based in beautiful and sunny Henderson, Nevada. He started using Infusionsoft in his chiropractic practice and saw the power it created in connecting with patients. He also used it to add a gym to his practice, which created a great continuity program with better results. He...