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Dec 28, 2021

Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes is a writer, dancer, personal trainer, and storyteller. He has an obsession with the art and science of self-actualization. He believes that everything can be trained, and that anyone can change their life for the better.​

Twitter: AJA_Cortes

Instagram: AJA_Cortes



Dec 21, 2021

Since becoming a professional writer in 2009, Richard has been the personal copywriter to a “40 under 40” CEO, written inductions for the WEF and Young Global Leaders, ghostwritten multiple books and created an email that generated over £20 million in new business revenue. He has also spent 7 years working in...

Dec 14, 2021

Alex Berman is the chairman and founder of A&R, a holding company that includes X27, a 7 figure marketing and lead generation agency, AGM, an education startup, and multiple SaaS ventures. Alex also has a Youtube channel and Twitter account with over 100 thousand combined subscribers where he teaches everything about...

Dec 7, 2021

Wrestling Coach and Inspirational Speaker

Instagram: @NextLeavellInspiration

Facebook: @NextLeavellInspiration

Twitter: @CoachDeeLeavell


2:35 Cut the Rope 

4:10 When a Rope Becomes a Hindrance Instead of a Help

8:00 What Could Be Holding You Back

9:31 "What type of gas do you put in a Lamborghini?"...

Nov 30, 2021

Mari Connor is CEO & Founder of Marigold Marketing Group, a FB Ads Agency launched in 2012 & specializes in helping 7- & 8-Figure Expert & Influencer Businesses to scale & amplify their course, program and/or membership sales. Mari’s “superpowers” include Digital Marketing Strategy, Clear & Succinct Messaging &...