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Jul 28, 2020

Laura Sills is the Director of Operations at Ziva Meditation. When she started at Ziva she was admittedly a meditation skeptic, however 3 years later she's become one of the biggest advocates. Now, she helps to spread Ziva’s message through creating and developing online courses, streamlining operational...

Jul 21, 2020

Paul Sokol is one of the leading experts in marketing automation and customer journey design. He also has quite a knack for online advertising and copywriting as well. When he isn't being a marketing nerd, he is helping the local music scene and running his charity, Keep Children Rockin, which provides music...

Jul 14, 2020

Clint Hosman is the CEO of LongShip Systems, he has been implementing Infusionsoft and business strategy for nearly a decade.
Clint has a Masters in Business Administration concentrated on Global Business.
Shortly after completing his degree, he began work for Infusionsoft and was in the first 400 employees.

Jul 7, 2020

John fell in love with marketing and sales from an early age, particularly, direct response marketing.
Since 1999, he's helped thousands of clients in many industries including Management Consulting, Finance, Sales, IT, Manufacturing, and many more – develop more conversations (and sales) with their ideal future...