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May 16, 2023

Eric Bort:

CEO of for 25 years | Building a world-class eLearning agency for Fortune 500 companies & sharing what I learn along the way.


Twitter: @NetwrkAndGrow

Linkedin: @Eric Bort

2:44 "That's necessary to not just rely on something you consider defined or a given, but continually experiment." -Eric Bort

4:09 "Finding the right people to ask the right questions." -Eric Bort

5:15 "How do you encourage your team to go do that, figuring it out for themselves." -Brian Keith

6:17 "How do you evaluate if your success criteria is too strict or too open for each individual?" -Brian Keith

7:57 "It all starts with an assessment." -Eric Bort

9:26 "We'll give you what you want or we'll give you what you need." -Eric Bort

10:36 "How often are people changing their mind about what they want partially through your build?" -Brian Keith

11:57 "What kind of companies do you work with?" -Brian Keith