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May 9, 2023

Zach Williams has built 6 profitable companies in the past 15 years, bootstrapped one to an 8-figure valuation, and managed teams of 50+ people. He now works with CEOs to scale and exit their businesses. 


Twitter: @zcwilliams

0:25 "I'm a huge fan." -Zachary Williams

3:24 "Here's a life hack for everyone." -Brian Keith

5:56 "The biggest issue is just getting started." -Zachary Williams

7:42 Having Someone on Your Team Doubles Your Chance of Getting Things Done.

14:54 "The core of it is finding accountable people." -Zachary Williams

15:58 "What's the outcome we are trying to create?" -Zachary Williams

17:13 "I own a few different companies and have been successful at scaling and exiting." -Zachary Williams