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May 2, 2023

Matt Banker is the Founder & Visionary of Banker Creative. Matt started designing and building websites at a small agency, and he grew frustrated that there wasn’t a better way to create content for a website. Clients would come up with content that was confusing and full of industry jargon, but as a designer working with different clients every week, he didn't have the industry knowledge to do much better.

That’s when he found the Storybrand framework and began applying it to the website projects for his clients. The way to find marketing success is to stop telling your own story, and instead show how your brand fits into your customer's story and helps them be the hero.

Matt and Banker Creative are expert listeners. They help businesses take all that information bouncing around in their heads and distill it into a message the audience will resonate with.

When Matt is not helping his clients find their authentic voice he can be found in his backyard vegetable garden.


Linkedin: @Matt Banker

Twitter: @mattbanker

0:58 How Should Someone Use the AI Tools We Have Today?

3:57 "How do we keep the human touch while using AI to go move faster?" -Brian Keith

5:14 "Part of the reason you write is not just to communicate information you know to other people." -Matthew Banker

8:52 "The people that are going to benefit most from [AI] are the ones that are able to still be creative." -Matthew Banker

10:06 "The frontier that is going to be most difficult for AI, I think, is going to be humor." -Matthew Banker

11:27 "When do you think synthetic video will dominate over real video?" -Brian Keith

12:54 "When we recognize that this is a bot, it is going to turn us off from engaging with it to a certain extent." -Matthew Banker

14:11 "I don't want to predict what AI can't do." -Matthew Banker

16:57 One Practical Use for AI Right Now