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Feb 28, 2023

Chris K. Jones is an award-winning writer, former competitive athlete, and coach. His experiences with professional athletes in his youth shaped his interest in understanding the minds of athletes. Trying to mimic his heroes, he ignored the messages his body was sending him.


After a series of broken bones, an eating disorder, and mental health issues, he knew he had to change. Chris turned to judo (translated as the “gentle way”), Buddhism, meditation, and intensive self-reflection to begin his journey to healing. This served as a pathway to understanding who he was on and off the mat and how to turn failure into success.


Chris uses his imagination and suspenseful storytelling to raise awareness about generational trauma and mental health in sports. He splits his time between Tarrytown, NY, and Barbados.



Twitter: @headcase_novel

Facebook: @Chris K. Jones


1:43 "A lot of creative people had these fears around money." -Chris Jones


4:10 The love of money and hating being poor.


6:19 Chris's breakdown on the importance of time management when billing a client.


7:48 "We all have generational trauma, whether it was intended or not." -Chris Jones


9:28 How Chris's book "Headcase" came to him.


14:44 "The monster gets let out of the cage and we have to control that." -Chris Jones


17:37 How a we can identify the demons in our own head.