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Nov 22, 2022

Shevelle McPherson, Esq., began her legal career as a prosecutor and an assistant district attorney for the City of Philadelphia.


After several years of service, Shevelle set out on her entrepreneurial journey. She formed McPherson Law and expanded her law firm to three locations in the first year.



1:44 "'The first thing you should actually consider is, "How do I protect this brand?"" -Shevelle McPherson

7:07 "[They] didn't even bother to change the name." -Brian Keith

9:48 "That can be so damaging that it can actually put them out of business." -Shevelle McPherson

11:53 "Her competitor came in and filed the trademark." -Shevelle McPherson

13:53 "No one on Earth can guarantee you that your application is going to get approved." - Shevelle McPherson

16:55 "That drains my energy, and I just want someone else to deal with it." -Brian Keith