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Nov 15, 2022

Rita Thomas is an entrepreneur, photographer, automation specialist, speaker, and Air Force veteran who is committed to showing entrepreneurs how to make the most of all of their assets.


Her skill and passion for showing others how to automate their business for more success and peace of mind was born from streamlining her own business. Like many entrepreneurs, Rita started her first business while working a full-time job. When Rita discovered how to use automation to increase her part-time revenue, it soon replaced her full-time income and she became a full-time business owner.


Rita now shares the same systems that saved her sanity AND her business with other entrepreneurs.






Facebook group "Client Journey Expert"


LinkedIn Group "Automated Business Solutions"



3:54 "The best, most important thing you can do with those leads is engage with them." -Rita Thomas

5:55 "Not everyone I talk to actually knows what their problem actually is." -Brian Keith

8:26 "When I say I want more leads, I want leads of people who want my product." -Rita Thomas

9:46 "When that lead understands the value of the offer, they will find the money to pay for it." -Rita Thomas

11:27 "Yeah, it was a trap. We all put ourselves in these traps." -Brian Keith

17:49 "If it's not even worth that much hassle, then why are you filling up their inbox anyway?" -Brian Keith