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Nov 8, 2022

Keith Perhac is a marketer, developer and the founder of SegMetrics. After running a successful marketing agency, he became frustrated with the time-sink and limitations of existing reporting tools. He launched SegMetrics in 2015 to bring accurate attribution metrics to all marketers.

twitter: harisenbon79
twitter: segmetrics


3:19 "It does not behoove the ad companies to give you the correct answer." -Keith Perhac

5:54 "This gargantuan problem that has affected every one of my clients for a decade." -Brian Keith

11:52 "I smell the money over there." -Brian Keith

13:36 "We're able to pull those different touch points...and combine them." -Keith Perhac

14:36 "You have to come up with marketing solutions to solve those problems." -Keith Perhac

16:11 "I always feel marketing is a combination of science and art." -Keith Perhac