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Sep 20, 2022

Paul is an independent writer, creator, and consultant who is the author of The Pathless Path which is a book about coming up with new stories for work and life.

Twitter: @p_millerd


2:35 "And that's sort of when I asked the opposite question: what if I just didn't work?" -Paul Millerd


6:27 "What is it all for?" - Paul Millerd


9:15 "Every seventh week, I take the entire week - seven days - and I don't work...the whole goal is to create space." -Paul Millerd


13:00 "It might be worth paying the shift away from that and find the work that you actually want to be doing." -Paul Millerd


14:50 "Why do you have to be good at everything; can't you just enjoy something for the sake of it?" -Paul Millerd


16:49 "I was noticing I had all these scripts running in my head about why I'm doing things." -Paul Millerd


29:45 "If you feel uncomfortable or weird about your relationship to work, you are actually normal." -Paul Millerd