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Sep 6, 2022

Elise Stephens credits much of her storytelling influence to a lifelong love of theater and childhood globetrotting. Much of her work focuses on themes of family, memory, and finding hope after a devastating loss. She is a first-place winner of Writers of the Future (2019). Her fiction has appeared in Analog, Galaxy’s Edge, Escape Pod, Writers of the Future Vol 35, and FIYAH, among others. Elise lives with her family in Seattle in a house with huge windows to supply the vast quantities of light she requires to stay happy. Elise is currently seeking representation on her next science fiction novel.

Twitter @elisestephens

Facebook AuthorEliseStephens


3:15 "Finding time to write, in my world, is making time to write." -Elise Stephens


5:32 "I've learned to take massive project notes, I will even tell myself what I'm working on in a given day" -Elise Stephens


7:16 "So, the box is more like a wall defending your creative space from distractions..." -Brian Keith


8:51 "I would love to say that all the professionals are more like me, but they're not." -Elise Stephens


12:16 "I was able to avoid a lot of the, 'What in the world happened, you dropped that thread?'" -Elise Stephens


13:20 "Turning feedback into very precise directions on fixing the manuscript." -Elise Stephens


15:24 "You still get out a book, and you still improve your process." -Brian Keith