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Jun 21, 2022

Jason's family has recently started to develop a homestead where he practices his craft in sustainablity. He is interested in various holistic practices such as meditation, localism, permaculture, local food systems, and larger sustainability issues. Currently, Jason teaches in the Department of Sustainable Development at Appalachian State. He is also a prior co-host of the "Both/And Podcast" and a current co-host of the "Doomer Optimism Podcast" found here:

Twitter: @cognazor


2:05 "At a certain point, I just started taking our climate crisis and our ecological crisis serious." -Jason Snyder


5:32 "There's what's next on the individual level, but there's what's next on the societal level." -Brian Keith


11:28 "I didn't have to lobby congress; I didn't have to wait for a politician to pass a bill - I just ate a good duck." -Brian Keith


15:13 "We have to accept at the end of the day that there's going have to be many more farmers in the future." -Jason Snyder


18:07 "A few hours everyday really just does wonders for my mind, my spirit. And it connects me, like you said, to the food itself. It brings meaning back in my consumption." -Jason Snyder


20:33 "Everyone makes better decisions when they're eating real food." -Brian Keith


23:36 "You're not just getting a direct source of meat, or vegetables, or other product, you're building relationships." -Jason Snyder