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Jun 14, 2022

Chris is a former software engineer and currently an attorney in Cozen O'Connor's Technology, Privacy and Data Security practice.


Twitter: @DodsonC

LinkedIn: Chris Dodson


1:15 "We have Chris on the show to help us understand in 2022 what we need to be thinking about." -Brian Keith


2:51 "The good news is that the state laws that have been passed apply a minimum threshold." -Chris Dodson


5:12 "If the federal government passes a privacy law that supersedes state, then things will get a bit easier." -Chris Dodson


6:24 "This right here is the approach that works for people in general, and is probably going to keep you safe from lawsuits." -Brian Keith


10:18 "If you're less focused on doing [privacy compliance] yourself, I would say connect with a good attorney." -Chris Dodson


14:27 "There is strangely little guidance from companies that provide this kind of service." -Chris Dodson


16:22 "That is the key take away of privacy law, unfortunately: it's complicated." -Chris Dodson