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Jun 7, 2022

15 years in sales with over 10 in teaching and training sales. Married with 4 sons, Andrew owns a gym in Lakeland Florida. He recently left corporate america to build his own effective coaching and consulting business, helping to empower entrepreneurs to close more deals.

Twitter: @AndrewStrohm


5:01 "For me, I was like: 'Hey this is going to be easy; we're just going to jump in and figure this out.' Well, when you start a business, that's not exactly how that works out. The business is the greatest teacher." - Andrew Strohm


7:38 "We realized that we needed to perhaps challenge more of our assumptions to figure out what the best way to maximize was." - Andrew Strohm


14:35 "That whole thing of guaranteed results is fascinating..." - Brian Keith


16:16 "That's the perfect client, because they've come in here and given all of the long term information you need. Now you're just going to listen, absorb that, and then show them the value of your program in light of their needs." - Andrew Strohm


19:06 "They'll come and say 'I'm having difficulty selling my services or my product.' And I ask them, "Well, what's it worth?" And they normally give me a short term perspective." - Andrew Strohm


20:49 "Is that your good life? And if it's not your good life, how much longer are you planning on doing that?" - Brian Keith


23:09 "It is incredibly worthwhile and pays dividends for the rest of your life to have a professional look at you and say, 'Why are you doing that?' It sucks!" - Brian Keith