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Dec 14, 2021

Alex Berman is the chairman and founder of A&R, a holding company that includes X27, a 7 figure marketing and lead generation agency, AGM, an education startup, and multiple SaaS ventures. Alex also has a Youtube channel and Twitter account with over 100 thousand combined subscribers where he teaches everything about lead gen, Twitter growth, and LinkedIn sales. AGM hosts several courses, all with 5-star reviews, for cold email at Cold Email University, growth on Twitter at Twitter10K, LinkedIn sales at LinkedIn, and international sales with American English. Alex is an expert at cold email, lead generation, offer creation, and content.


Twitter: @alxberman

YouTube: Alex Berman


1:05 How to Keep Cold Email From Becoming Spam

2:26 "Cold email is a super power." - Alex Berman

7:01 "You're speaking to these customers in their language." - Alex Berman

8:09 "When you crack the code of a good offer, everything changes." - Alex Berman

12:15 The creation and success of the Twitter 10k course. Check it out at

15:17 "I want students to shift their mindset." - Alex Berman

20:08 "It's about the repositioning of the Twitter account to create an account that can get 10k followers that saves your entire business." - Alex Berman