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Nov 30, 2021

Mari Connor is CEO & Founder of Marigold Marketing Group, a FB Ads Agency launched in 2012 & specializes in helping 7- & 8-Figure Expert & Influencer Businesses to scale & amplify their course, program and/or membership sales. Mari’s “superpowers” include Digital Marketing Strategy, Clear & Succinct Messaging & her background includes 20+ years as a copywriter.

When not working on the agency, she loves to travel the globe, is a theatre nut & loves to hike around Arizona when on an “exercise kick”!
@marigoldmktg on Instagram & Twitter

4:32 Hire Before You’re Ready

06:08 "I will tell you that within a week it literally felt like magic." -Mari Connor

8:30 "The biggest complaint that we see is a lack of communication from previous agencies." -Mari Connor

9:30 How to Grow a Business Exponentially

11:24 Do the Numbers Make Sense?

13:38 "Utilize 20% to do a little bit of out-of-the-box, off-beat ideas or dream testing." -Mari Connor

15:02 Double Down on What Is Already Working