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Aug 24, 2021

Nicholas Mattson cofounded 13 Stars Media with his wife Hayley in 2018 to begin an expansion from publishing the single publication Paso Robles Magazine to a multi-publication local network, and into a multi-market coastal network from Monterey Bay to Malibu Beach. An award-winning sales manager and award-winning journalist, Nicholas Mattson leads 13 Stars in expanding sales, service, product development, and territory.

Nic began his career in campaign management, working in Nevada to advance legislative initiatives. Moving home to Atascadero, California, he began sales management before moving into journalism with the Atascadero News in 2012.

After 5 years with the newspaper, Nic and Hayley moved into publishing, purchasing a local magazine company and expanding it to increase revenue by 40 percent. Two years later, they purchased the Atascadero News and Paso Robles Press to grow their publishing business two-fold, and Nic expanded his role into mergers and acquisitions, and is currently working on four acquisitions expected to close in 2021.


Find out more about Nic and what he's doing with 13 Stars Media here:

Twitter: @13StarsMedia