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Aug 10, 2021

Stop bleeding cash and step into greater profitability now.

Jen works with clients to sustainably scale-up their business & gain confidence with all things numbers and money.

Jen Bro is a fractional CFO for $1M - $25M companies who are looking to get clarity, optimize, expand their presence in the marketplace and live the fullest expression of their company’s mission. Alongside the routine accounting, financial reporting, strategic planning, risk minimization compliance, budgeting and forecasting infrastructure she provides, Jen sees the "holes in the ship" that need to be plugged or repaired in order to truly deliver the results clients desire.

But sometimes clients aren’t sure what they need – they just intuitively know their business and its systems and operations aren’t what they could be – and that’s where Jen brings her flashlight to shine the light on what the client "didn’t know that they didn’t know". And then hold their hand to get the blind spots fixed quickly, accurately and effectively.

Jen brings over 20 years of experience in accounting, finance and entrepreneurship to her role as CFO. Prior to helping small businesses achieve their financial goals, Jen was an Accounting Manager, Controller and CFO for 15 years at multi-national companies with annual revenues of $1M - $1B.

What sets Jen above the rest? She is an ally in your mission, who cares deeply about your business baby, and will work with heart and expertise to help you reach your goals and beyond.